About Us

Our Mission:

TalkIMPACT uses the power of live and digital media to close the inequality gap in New York City by giving voice to the voiceless and celebrating the everyday heroes and initiatives that are championing that change.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where empathy replaces indifference and the human causes of suffering are diminished by love of one’s neighbor. We begin our journey in our own backyard, the five boroughs of New York City, and hope to use our success as a model for social justice to be replicated elsewhere.

Our History:

TalkIMPACT, official launch in January 2018 (Beta launch August 2017), is an outgrowth of HULU channel’s ThatMattersLive cohosted by Monika Mitchell and Shane Snipes and GoodB (GoodBusinessNY) a popular online journal and impact media company for social good based in New York City (2009-2015). The journal evolved from the “Economy of Trust” blog in response to the Financial Crisis and expanded into event production, web TV, podcasts, and online journalism. GoodB, was co-founded by award-winning writer & media personality, Monika Mitchell and Ron Davison and was named the “Standout Company of the Year” by the Washington Post. The multimedia web journal reported widely on  social entrepreneurship and corporate social impact with contributions from dozens of “business for social good” leaders. The NYC Social Innovation Festival, produced by GoodB, has re-emerged as TalkImpact: Closing the Gap in NYC, a digital media platform for social change.

TalkIMPACT is a 501(c)3 organization.

About our Founders:

 Monika Mitchell

A serial social entrepreneur, Monika launched her first for-profit enterprise, a sustainable seafood company, at age 20 which was successfully acquired 2 1/2 years later by a large gourmet food company. Her second endeavor, the AfterSchool Theatre (AST), returned her to her first love, theatre, and her life’s mission, empowering marginalized communities. AST used performance and acting techniques to empower underserved and at-risk youth in New York City with poise, confidence, and self-esteem and was funded by a grant from the New York City Parks Department. Recruited by a Wall Street executive search firm, she worked in the institutional securities markets for a few years and rose to the level of partner. While on Wall Street, she cofounded the United Nations CCSVGC NGO Values & Business Working Group and helped to organize craft collectives for impoverished women in rural Bangladesh villages. The financial crisis propelled her back into the nonprofit social justice world full-time where she founded the widely-read and influential online news platform, GoodBusinessNY, otherwise known as GoodB. Monika is the creator of the NYC Social Innovation Festival and “MakeImpactNYC: Do Good in your ‘Hood” event productions, and cohost/producer with Shane Snipes of the web TV talk show, ThatMattersLive.

 Kenny Rivera

Kenny graduated from City University- College of Staten Island with a Communications and Media Arts degree. He garnered the Media Culture Department Award for his audio and video work. After graduation, he applied for an internship with GoodB (GoodBusinessNY) in photo journalism and began creating funny and innovative video blogs on social innovation in and around New York. He acted as a roving reporter for events and conference on social entrepreneurship and reported on programs with Larissa Gomez and Mia Dornelles. When GoodB expanded into live event production, Kenny was promoted to production assistant and edited GoodB’s videos and podcasts along with social media innovation. He was the assistant producer of MakeImpactNYC: a program presenting 36 social entrepreneurs at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus.  In 2014 and 2015, he became the associate producer for the first annual NYC Social Innovation Festival, a 10 day, 7 event program that circled through the innovation centers around the five boroughs. In 2016, he acted as video producer of the Food Rich Summit: a innovation program to end hunger in NYC. Kenny was the senior associate on the production team along with Mai Dornelles and Larissa Gomez for the weekly web talk show, ThatMattersLive, featuring innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing the world. ThatMattersLive was distributed by GMedia to the Hulu and Roku platforms. The talk show has two successful seasons and showcased some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs in NYC. ThatMattersLive was co-created and cohosted by media personalities, Monika Mitchell and Shane Snipes.

Kenny is now the co-creating TalkIMPACT with Monika and TI’s small growing team. The imprint will have its official launch on April 24, 2017 with the newest “MakeIMPACTNYC:Do good in your ‘hood 2.0” event at Fordham University Law School, Lincoln Center, New York City.

Ron Davison

Ron loves to work under-the-radar and behind-the-scenes of our media productions. He is the cofounder of GoodB with Monika Mitchell and keeps everything going at TalkImpact. Ron is looking forward to the official launch of TalkImpact in early 2018. Oh and yes, he likes coffee, the gym, kitty cats, travel, good wine, and chocolate…not necessarily in that order. He buzzes bi-coastal between Seattle to NYC!