A new America dawned on January 20, 2017.  What kind of America will it be? Compassionate, tolerant, and just? We dream of the infinite possibilities in 2017 for closing the inequality gap and for establishing equal rights for all citizens.

Sadly, the new administration began the year by rolling back climate change advances and pushing forward the Keystone Pipeline project – a tragedy for our environment. The next week brought a travel ban against seven (7) middle-eastern countries entering the United States – a violation of all that our nation stands for. These initiatives push back the clock one hundred+ years to a time when Americans legally targeted races, religions, and ethnicities of various origins by marginalizing economic, social, and political opportunities for all but a select few. TalkIMPACT celebrates our rich heritage of diversity and democracy and America’s dedication to social justice. We continue our work of advancing social impact by using the power of media to give these marginalized communities a powerful voice to be heard.



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