Millions of women (and men) around the world protested the inauguration of Donald Trump as America’s 45th president. Some wore pink “pussy hats” expressing their outrage over the new president’s self-proclaimed entitlement to grab women’s body parts. Others wore “nasty woman” T-shirts to symbolize their objection to being “objectified” by the leader of the free world. Trump’s views and behavior toward women and ethnic groups date back before the civil rights movement and have generated a groundswell of opposition. Celebrities including actresses Meryl Streep and Scarlet Johannsen have publicly voiced their protests to Trump’s platform. Actress Jane Fonda referred to Trump as “predator-in-chief” in an interview with Bill Maher and the nickname has begun to stick.

The outrage among the minions towards the new administration has emerged in response to Trump’s campaign remarks that belittle women, violate the first amendment by targeting Muslim citizens, and foment racism against Hispanics and Latino(a) immigrants.┬áThe social services and nonprofit sector in the U.S. are poised for battles to save healthcare, immigration, gender and voter rights, and other civil liberty protections for the 99% of the population that represents America’s middle and lower-income citizens.

Ironically, the candidate for “change” who promised to restore jobs to America’s unemployed, Trump has retrofitted his Cabinet to represent Reagan-esque “trickle down” economics circa 1985. The impact that the administration of old school billionaires has on the majority of Americans remains to be seen. For now, the concern of millions is that┬áthe new Congress and Administration threaten policy reversals for decades of social and economic gains for women and minorities.

“Change,” it seems, is just a word.

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