Innovations for low-income New Yorkers have emerged from the minds of some of our city’s most talented entrepreneurs. Two mobile apps, in particular, inspire us at TalkImpact, by their simple yet innovative design and social good purpose. by Propel

The brainchild of Jimmy Chen (founder), EasyFoodStamps is the first product from the social enterprise Propel to come to market. Designed to make the process of applying for food stamps (SNAP) as easy, painless, and accessible as possible, applicants download the app on their smartphone and are shepherded through the process. What we love so much about this product is that it utilizes top tech brain power for low-income needs. Way to go, Propel!

Spare NYC

The ingenious creation of Andra Tomsa is a mobile app called Spare. The app was originally named “spare change” because it asks restaurant diners to donate spare change to the local food bank of their choice when paying their bill. Economics wiz, Andra, designed a way to close the 235 million meals food gap in New York by engaging New York City restaurants and patrons to round up their bills $0.99. As an incentive, diners receive rewards like free drinks or desserts when they reach each level of giving – not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that each time they dine out, they are helping to feed a New Yorker in need.



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